David Welch – Kerikeri lawyer

It is impossible to state how badly we were served by lawyer David Welch. He appears to have retired or, like Ian Knox, may be deceased, he is no longer listed as a lawyer in New Zealand.

Not knowing anyone in Kerikeri we had asked Ian Knox to recommend a lawyer to act for us in the purchase of Killara. Looking back, this wasn’t our greatest decision but really it shouldn’t have mattered.

David Welch, however acted more as an agent of Ian Knox rather than protecting our position as his clients.

He must have been aware of the contamination of horticultural lands but said nothing to us. He failed in his duty to protect our interests.

We did include him in the lawsuit we filed in the High Court and had to withdraw following the fire that destroyed Killara and the evidence of the contamination at the property which was vital to our case. He may also have been involved in that fire with Ian Knox.




David Welch Lawyer - Kerikeri Reviews in Kerikeri

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